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Choose when to receive email notifications regarding roadmap updates.

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Notification Preferences

In ProductPlan, there are two types of email notifications you can receive. You can be notified when comments are made on Bars or Containers, and when changes are made to a roadmap.

To access your Notification preferences, select the person icon at the bottom left corner of the screen (Profile) and click into the Notifications tab.

Email alerts for comments are immediate. By default, they will be turned on for Editors and off for Viewers.

For notifications about roadmap changes, you can choose which frequency works best for you (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). By default, they will be turned on for both Editors and Viewers and set to Weekly.

Your notification email will indicate which roadmaps have changes. You can go directly to the roadmap and use the History feature to see what changes have been made.

Note: If more than 50 bars are updated across your roadmaps, you will receive a Summary of Changes Email that includes the Roadmap Name and the Number of Bars updated.

Notification Settings

Once you’ve set your notification preferences, you can choose which roadmaps you want to follow. To choose which roadmaps to follow, visit your Notification Settings page. From here, you can select which roadmaps you want to receive email reports for, as well as which types of notifications to receive.

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