Roadmap Security

Product roadmaps represent important and highly confidential information to your organization

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Roadmap Security

  • ProductPlan personnel do not have access to your roadmap unless you share it with us.

  • You have full control of how and when you share a roadmap. Sharing a roadmap with another user requires a secure login. By default all roadmaps are restricted to only the people you explicitly share them with.

  • We provide the ability for a roadmap owner to create a private link that can be shared with others. This link does not require a log in. However, as the roadmap owner you are in control whether this feature is used, and the link can be deactivated at any time.

  • We do not share your roadmap data with third parties.

  • We back up our servers regularly to ensure against loss of information.

For more information on ProductPlan security practices, please visit our Security Overview here

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