Using SSO for your team in ProductPlan requires an Enterprise Subscription. Please contact to begin setting up the integration.

If your team is not using one of our standard SSO providers (Ping, Azure, Google Apps, Okta, OneLogin, or Centrify) we should still be able to configure the integration as long as it operates under SAML 2.0.


In order to make the connection, you’ll need to configure an application for ProductPlan on your service provider with the following information from us:


SP Entity ID: PingConnect

SAML Attributes

You’ll need to create the following mappings to properly authenticate users:

emailAddress = Primary Email (This should be the email address used for authenticating with your service provider. The email should match users’ ProductPlan login email)

companyName = Company name (If you have this attribute on your side, map it. If not, you can map this to another attribute. It can’t be left blank)

fullName = Full Name (You can choose to map it to First name only or full name if that attribute exists on your side. It can’t be left blank)

Note, the bold mappings above must match exactly. You may need to create these as custom attributes.

Once you have completed the above steps, you’ll need to download your Metadata to send to your Customer Success Contact to have the configuration completed.

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