When creating a custom view, you can change the layout of your roadmap. You’ll be able to choose between the default Timeline view, or a Kanban style, called List View:

The List View is still based on a Timeline, but it will allow you to pivot your roadmap view into vertical columns. To create a List View of your roadmap, click the “Roadmap” dropdown to add a new view. You can choose your style from the Layout tab:

Keep in mind that the List view will be based on your existing roadmap. You can share List views with different audiences by creating private links to them as well.

Editing Your List View

You can drag and drop new Bars and Containers onto your List View. Changes made from the List View will also be applied to the default roadmap view.

List View columns are sorted alphabetically. Adding new Bars or moving them between columns will automatically sort them alphabetically. Bars will exist in the same column that corresponds with their end dates.

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