Every roadmap will have its own Table Layout. You can import directly into your Parked Section of the Table Layout or add new ideas as you go. Adding items to your Parked section will allow you to create a backlog of ideas that aren’t ready to be planned on your roadmap. Once you have ideas that are Parked, you will be able to move them to the Roadmap. An item that is moved from the Parked Section to your Roadmap will also transition to the Planned Section in your Table Layout.

You can move individual Bars from your Parked Section to your Roadmap, or select multiple Bars to move at once. To move Bars, simply select the box next to each title. Then select “Actions” and then "Unpark bar" to move each item to the Planned Section of your Table Layout. Items that have moved from the Parked to Planned Section will also automatically appear on the roadmap.

If your Parked items have a Lane or Legend selected, that information will be carried over. Each added Bar will appear at the dotted today-line if no dates are assigned.

When you perform this action, you'll see a message box at the bottom of your screen asking if you'd like to be redirected to your timeline to view the newly placed Bar.

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