Every roadmap will have its own Parking Lot. You can import directly to your Parking Lot or add new ideas as you go. Once you have ideas on your Parking Lot, you will be able to move them to the Roadmap. An item can exist either on your Parking Lot or your Roadmap, but not both.

You can move individual Bars from your Parking Lot to your Roadmap, or select multiple Bars to move at once. To move Bars, simply select the box next to each title. Then Select “Move” and then "Move to Roadmap" to move each item:

Moving items this way will automatically place them as Bars on your Roadmap. If your Parking Lot items have a Lane or Legend selected, that information will be carried over. Each added Bar will appear at the dotted today-line.

You can also move items within the Parking Lot by clicking and dragging vertically from the draggable icon on the left side, or by selecting "Move" and then "Move within Parking Lot" 

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