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Duplicating a Roadmap

You can make a copy roadmap for any roadmap that you own or that you have edit access to.

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You can make a duplicate of any roadmap that you either own or have edit access to. Once you’ve created a roadmap, make a duplicate to create multiple versions of it for discussions about different scenarios.

To duplicate a roadmap go to your Roadmap page and find the roadmap you wish to duplicate. To the right side there is an ellipsis that when clicked will open a menu. Choose Duplicate from the menu to copy that roadmap.

Your new copy will be a duplicate of the original. This includes settings, details, lanes, bars, custom fields and the legend. It does not copy shared users. If the duplicated roadmap becomes your new preferred roadmap, simply add the users you want to share it with.

You can make as many duplicates as you need of any roadmap that you own or that you have edit rights to. Once you’ve made the duplicate, you can start working on your new roadmap and get ready for discussion!

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