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ProductPlan’s integration with Slack helps keep your team up to date in real time.

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ProductPlan’s integration with Slack helps keep your team up to date in real time. By integrating with Slack, you can communicate directly with your team from any roadmap.

To set up the integration, go to your Integrations page and follow the steps to authorize the integration. You’ll need to select a Slack team as well as choose a default channel to post to.

Once the owner of the roadmap has configured the integration, any editor on the roadmap can also use their Slack integration to link it to a Slack channel of their choosing.  Open up your roadmap Settings and select the Slack tab to choose your channel:

Once you’ve linked a roadmap to a Slack channel, your team can begin receiving notifications. When a roadmap editor or viewer adds a comment to a Bar or Container, a notification will be sent directly to the Slack channel you’ve selected.

Notifications for changes made to Bars and Containers will also be sent to Slack. When you resize, move, add a new Bar, or delete a Bar your team will be notified. Notifications for deleted Bars are immediate, while those for changes made to Bars will be sent after five minutes. These notifications will be cumulative of all changes made within those five minutes – that way your team is only notified once.

Anyone with access to the channel can view the comment and notification, and those with access to the roadmap can click the link to open it. Once opened, the linked Bar will be called out on your screen.

Switching Between Slack Teams

You can only connect to one Slack team at a time, but you may switch between teams. When disconnecting Slack from ProductPlan, your authentication token will be removed, but Slack will still remember which team you were connected to. To connect to a new team:

  1. Disconnect the integration from ProductPlan (

  2. From Slack, go to Apps & integrations

  3. Click on Manage

  4. Click on the ProductPlan app

  5. Remove the app for your whole team, or by individual user

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