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ProductPlan’s integration with Trello provides a way to easily connect your roadmap to your Trello boards.

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ProductPlan’s integration with Trello provides a way to easily connect your roadmap to your Trello boards. You can import lists directly to your Parked bars in Table Layout, or connect cards to individual Bars and Containers. By integrating with Trello, you can tie your high level strategy in ProductPlan to the specific tasks you’re working on.

Setup Instructions

To set up the integration, go to your Integrations page and follow the instructions. In setup, we will check to see if you are already logged in to Trello.  If you are, just confirm it’s the right account to get started. If not, you’ll be prompted to login:

From your integrations page, you can test the connection or disconnect at any time. You can be connected to only one Trello account at a time, but disconnect any time to link with a different account.

Importing From Trello to ProductPlan

Once you’ve set up your Trello integration, you can quickly import cards or lists directly to your Parked bars. The import will work just like the search in Trello – you can use special operators to modify your import. To perform a search of all cards from a specific Trello board, simply use the special indicator board followed by the Trello board id then add operator is:open as shown below. The import will include the Title and Description of your Cards. You can select which items you’d like to include.

Synchronizing Percent Complete

You have the option to synchronize the percent complete of linked items in ProductPlan with their status in Trello:

By default for each board, ProductPlan will select the list farthest to the right to indicate completion. To change this, you can choose a different list from the drop down on the Integrations page:

When a card is moved to the list selected as complete, any linked bars in ProductPlan will display as 100% complete. Any cards that are not in the complete list will display as 0% complete. ProductPlan will synchronize completion once a day automatically, or the owner of a roadmap can click “Sync Now” from the Integrations page at any time.

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