In order to use the ProductPlan Macro for Confluence, you will need the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager. In most cases this is pre-installed in Confluence, but you can also install it directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Once you have the plugin manager, you can install and begin using the ProductPlan Macro. If you do not yet have a ProductPlan account, you can sign up for one to begin building a roadmap.

Installing the Macro

  1. Log into your Atlassian application instance as an admin.

  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.

  3. Locate ProductPlan Macro via search.

  4. Select “All add-ons”.

  5. Click Install to download and install the app.

  6. Click “Close”.

Using the ProductPlan Macro

  1. Create a private link for your roadmap or view in ProductPlan.

  2. Copy the private link.

  3. Go to the Confluence page.

  4. Click the macro dropdown and choose ProductPlan.

  5. Click the + icon on the menu bar.

  6. The ProductPlan Macro screen will load.

  7. Paste the private link that you created in ProductPlan.

  8. Adjust the desired width and height for the roadmap if needed.

  9. Click the button insert.

  10. Once the macro is on the page you can click preview / save to see it and interact with the roadmap.

Additional Information

Private links in ProductPlan are view-only and do not require a user to login to see them. If you are using the web-based version of Confluence, you can embed your roadmaps on a Confluence page using an iFrame. Using private links to display your roadmaps in Confluence is a great way to give your team easy access to view your latest roadmap.

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