Using SSO for your team in ProductPlan requires an Enterprise Subscription. To set up your single sign-on integration with OneLogin, please contact and then complete the following steps:

  1. In OneLogin, navigate to Apps > Add Apps and search for “ProductPlan”.
  2. Click on the ProductPlan app to configure it.
  3. Under “Configuration”, add the following to RelayState:
  4. For parameters, you'll need to create these additional SAML attributes (case sensitive):
    emailAddress = Primary Email (This should be the email address used for authenticating with your service provider. The email should match users’ ProductPlan login email)
    fullName =
    Full Name (The fullName attribute can be set using the OneLogin macro type: {firstname} {lastname}. You can choose to map it to First name only or full name if that attribute exists on your side. It can’t be left blank)
    companyName =
    Company name (If you have this attribute on your side, map it. If not, you can map this to another attribute. It can’t be left blank)
  5. Next, click the “More Actions” menu, download SAML Metadata, and send it to your contact at ProductPlan, or to
  6. Once you send the metadata back to us, we will activate SSO for your team’s account.

Once configured, your team will be able to login to the ProductPlan application using their OneLogin account. For additional questions, please contact support.

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