To set up your single sign-on integration with Active Directory (AzureAD), we need to setup a manual connection. You will need to notify your contact at ProductPlan (or contact To begin, please follow the instructions below:

  • You will need to create a new non-gallery Enterprise Application. Name this “ProductPlan”. You can optionally add a logo, located below:
  • Provisioning mode is Manual (e.g., Azure is not going create the user in ProductPlan). Next, configure Single Sign On: 
  • Next, you’ll need to configure the user attributes:

User Identifier: Select the user attribute that stores the email address of users in Active Directory. For example, “user.userprincipalname” or “user.mail”. Please note that the attribute you choose must match the email address you use to login to ProductPlan.

Select the checkbox “View and edit all other user attributes”. Ignore the default configurations and add the following attributes:

Name: emailAddress

  • Value: Use the attribute selected for User Identifier (ie. “user.userprincipalname” or “user.mail”).
  • Namespace: Leave this field blank.

Name: companyName

  • Value: user.companyname
  • Namespace: Leave this field blank.

Name: fullName

  • Value: Join()
  • String1: user.givenname
  • String2: user.surname
  • Separator: Type in a space character using your keyboard spacebar.
  • Namespace: Leave this field blank.

Your mappings should look like the example below (ignoring the 4 default attributes):

After completing these steps, download the Metadata XML file and send to ProductPlan. Once configured, you will need to assign the users (or group) to the ProductPlan application within Azure. Once done, your team will be able to login to the ProductPlan application using their Azure account. For additional questions, please contact support.

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