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Adding Milestones

Milestones are a great way to show event dates on your roadmap.

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Milestones are a great way to show event dates on your roadmap. Unlike Bars and Containers which span a period of time, Milestones are associated with one date. Drag and drop a Milestone from the sidebar onto the timeline to show an event across the entire roadmap. Or drop a Milestone onto the top of a Lane to show the Milestone for just one lane. Milestones represent the End-of-Day, so they will align with the end date of a bar.

You can color Milestones to have them align with your legend or to make them stand out on your Roadmap. You can also add tags to milestones to categorize or filter them on your Roadmap or a Custom View. 

Milestones are visible when you Share, View, or Export your roadmap. To delete a Milestone, right click and select "Delete". If you have milestones that overlap, you can stack them by dragging one above or below the other. You can create up to five sub-lanes for stacking milestones.

Launch Management Milestones:

For enterprise customers, you will see that your launch dates appear on your roadmap via launch milestone. These milestones will appear so long as you have one or more bars connected to an existing launch. The date will be pulled directly from the launch date field on the Checklist page.

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