To set up the integration, you will need a ProductPlan account and Jira administrator access. To begin, go to your integrations page in ProductPlan, click “Begin Jira Integration”, and enter your Jira base url:

Step 1: ProductPlan Configuration

If this is the first time someone from your team is configuring the integration, you will need to follow the Jira configuration from Step 2 below. If someone on your team has already done this, you will simply need to authenticate your Jira account. In this case, you will see the following screen. Just click “Allow” to authorize the integration:

Step 2: Jira Configuration

After entering your Jira base url on your integrations page in ProductPlan, you will be provided with the Consumer and Public Keys needed for completing the configuration. Go to your Jira account and follow the steps below to complete the integration:

  1. From your Dashboards page, access “Jira Settings” from the menu on the left.

  2. Under the Jira Settings menu select “Products” (Note: earlier Jira versions may say “Applications” or “Add-Ons”).

  3. Select “Application Links” from under the Integrations section.

  4. Enter this as the URL in the indicated field:

  5. Click “Create new link”. If you get a warning saying “No response was received from the URL you entered”, click “Continue”.

  6. Under Application Name, enter “ProductPlan”.

  7. For Application Type, select “Generic Application”.

  8. Do NOT fill out the remaining fields. Leave all remaining fields blank. Click “Continue”.

  9. Click the “Edit” icon in the Actions column to the right of your newly created ProductPlan application.

  10. Select “Incoming Authentication” (Note: you may need to scroll to the bottom of the modal in Jira to see all fields).

  11. Enter the following values, provided from your integrations page in ProductPlan:

  • Consumer Key: (provided by ProductPlan)

  • Consumer Name: ProductPlan

  • Public Key: (provided by ProductPlan – copy everything, including the begin and end certificate lines)

  • Consumer Callback URL:

12. Click “Save”.

13. Return to ProductPlan and click “Next Step” at the bottom of the page. Click “Allow” to authenticate your account.

On-Premise Configuration

If your Jira server is on-premise, you should still be able to integrate with ProductPlan. You will need to allowlist the ProductPlan IP Addresses in your firewall so that we can make connections to your Jira server. You can make the connection through port 443.

Use these IP addresses for the connections:

[] and []

Or, if you want more restrictions you can also open the following URI’s:

[/plugins/servlet/oauth/*] and [/rest/api/*] and [/auth/jira/new]

For further assistance, please contact


ProductPlan is currently compatible with Jira Data Center 7.x or earlier.

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