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Upgrading, Reducing Licenses or Canceling Your Account
Upgrading, Reducing Licenses or Canceling Your Account
Update your subscription easily based on your team needs.
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To view your current subscription details and billing term, visit your Account Settings page.

From the menu on the left of your Account Settings page, you can:

  • Add Licenses

  • Change Your Plan

  • Update Your Credit Card

  • View Billing History

Upgrading your Subscription

Add licenses easily to your subscription mid-term by selecting "Add Licenses" from the Account Settings page. Simply toggle the + icon to the additional licenses you'd like to add and select "Buy Now." The cost of the additional licenses will be pro-rated based on your renewal date.  

Reducing Licenses and Canceling your Subscription

If you have a single Basic plan license, you can cancel your plan within the application directly. To cancel your plan, go to the “Change Your Plan” section and click the “Cancel Your Plan” link at the bottom of the page:

If you have multiple licenses, to cancel or downgrade your plan you can contact us directly at, or by calling us at (805) 618-2975. Changes to your subscription will be reflected at the next renewal date. 

Professional and Enterprise subscriptions can contact their dedicated Customer Success Manager directly to cancel.

For any additional questions about your account, please contact

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