Like many of our customers, we run on agile development, which means we’re focused on providing regular updates, improvements, and releases. Below, you can find our latest release notes in ProductPlan. If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us at

Enterprise Features

  • Self-hosted SAML: configure and upload your metadata to set-up your SSO connection.
  • Provision users into Teams into ProductPlan: Map your team members into existing Teams within ProductPlan.  
  •  If you're interested in configuring your SSO connection, contact your Customer Success Manager directly to get this feature enabled.


  • Exclude duplicate issues: If you've already imported issues from your Jira instance, simply check the box in the Parking Lot Import to exclude any issues that were previously added. 
  • Integrations front and center: View the integrations currently configured for the roadmap you're editing. You can also add any integrations of your own as well.
  • Sync Dates from Jira on ProductPlan: In addition to importing, you now have the option to sync dates from Jira to keep ProductPlan updated as your source of truth.
  • Import Dates from Jira on ProductPlan: Map out which date field from Jira you'd like to update on ProductPlan from your Integrations page. 


  • New Layout: You might've noticed that things look a little different in ProductPlan. We've moved your Roadmaps page, title, Parking Lot and Planning Board into your application header. This means more roadmap real estate for you! 
  • Style your lanes in a Master View: Consolidate lanes by roadmap or by lane title. 
  • Customize your List: Now that you've set up your kanban view, you can sort bars and containers in the order that makes sense for your audience. 
  • List View by Tags: Create and pivot your roadmap view for a specific audience, based on a set of Tags. You can also rearrange the order of the columns by dragging and dropping horizontally. 


  • Containers will now appear ghosted container in a custom view if they have bars included in filter but they are not. 
  • Lane reordering requiring a refresh
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