Like many of our customers, we run on agile development. We’re focused on providing regular updates, improvements, and releases. Below, you can find our latest release notes in ProductPlan. Contact us at with any questions or feedback.

Enterprise Features

  • Create Teams: Organize users into Teams within your account and share your roadmap. 


  • New colors! Brighter, more rich colors to customize containers, bars and legends.
  • Updated loader modal: Hopefully you won't see it often, but we updated our loading icon. 
  • @Mention your team: Use Mentions in the comments section of a bar or container to immediately notify your team.
  • Verbiage updated from “Your Team” to “Everyone at [Your Company Name]” within the Share dialogue of your roadmap.
  • Create a kanban style view: Choose the List View layout when creating a Custom View to see a kanban view of your roadmap. 
  • Collapse/Expand Containers: Collapse or Expand all containers on your Roadmap. 
  • Bulk Actions: Select and make changes to multiple bars at the same time. Perform actions such as; moving multiple bars and containers across your timeline, changing colors, adding tags, and more


  • Sync Parked Items: Items imported from Integrations on your Parking Lot will reflect changes after syncing.
  • Updated Azure DevOps Integration: Sync Title and Description fields from Azure DevOps to be updated on ProductPlan automatically. 
  • Sync additional fields for the Github Integration: Title and Description will also be updated for the Github Integration.


  • Prevented the creation of duplicate links on the same bar.
  • Improved scrolling for larger roadmaps.
  • Viewing an embedded Private Link will no longer log you out of the application.
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