You can add new Bars by dragging and dropping them from the menu. You can quickly move or shift Bars on your roadmap by dragging and dropping them, but ProductPlan also provides a few ways to make this easier.

You have the option to display vertical grid lines on your roadmap for easier viewing and aligning of Bars. Choose to display grid lines from your Roadmap Settings. You can set your display grid as Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, or None. When you are editing your roadmap, Bars snap to the grid, making it easier to create your roadmap.

You can resize Bars and Containers by dragging from either the right or left side boundary. When resizing a Bar to the right, it will shift any following Bars over as well. Resizing Bars inside of a Container to the right will also extend the Container length.

As an editor, you can display the start and end dates for Bars and Containers. Just click a Bar to open up the details and display its dates. Editing a Bar’s start and end dates will auto shift the Bar for you and set it to the appropriate length. You can use this feature to help shift and resize Bars on your roadmap.

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