Undo and Redo

Learn what actions can be undone and redone when editing your roadmap.

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When editing a roadmap, you can undo certain actions in the timeline view. Some things that you can undo are:

  • Deleting a Bar or Container

  • Moving or resizing a Bar or Container

  • Changing the Legend color of any Bars or Containers

To perform an undo, simply press Command+Z or CNTRL+Z. You can undo multiple moves within the same session by pressing the keyboard command multiple times

Some actions that you cannot undo include:

  • Deleting an entire Lane

  • Deleting a roadmap

  • Deleting or moving a Milestone

These actions cannot be undone in the application. However, in some cases we may be able to recover these for you. You can contact support@productplan.com if you need to recover a deleted roadmap.

You also cannot undo in the table view.


You can also redo the last action that you’ve taken. To redo your last action, press Command+Y or CNTRL+Y.

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