Changing Bar Font and Style

Choose from five different bar fonts and styles.

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You can change the default font and style of your roadmap’s Bars and Containers using the Bar & Font Size feature on roadmap Settings. You can choose regular or thin Bar style. A thin style allows more roadmap items to appear in a browser window.

Specifically, there are 5 different bar font and size styles to choose from - Minimal, Condensed, Small-font, Normal, and Projector. If you would like the text in your bars to wrap, you'll want to use Small-font or Normal font. If you do not want your text to wrap, you'll want to choose Minimal, Condensed, or Projector. See examples of each below:

Minimal Font: (no text wrapping)

Condensed Font: (slightly bigger than minimal, no text wrapping)

Small-Font: (the same size as minimal, up to 3 lines of text wrapping)

Normal: (bigger than condensed, 2 lines of text wrapping)

Projector: (largest font, no text wrapping)

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