Sample Roadmaps

Utilize our multiple roadmap templates to help get you started.

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ProductPlan is fully customizable so you can create the look and structure that is best for your organization and audience. These samples show what your viewers will see when you invite them to your roadmap. If interested, definitely check out our full template library!

Executive Facing Roadmap: Communicate the big picture to your executives and other stakeholders.

This roadmap keeps its dates and initiatives high level. Group items into containers to represent themes.

Sprint Roadmap: Communicate what’s coming to your engineering and management teams. Are you agile? Easily update the roadmap as your priorities change. Add links to the stories or integrate your roadmap items with JIRA.

This roadmap is based on Sprints and is organized by Team and Priority.

Portfolio View: Merge multiple roadmaps into a portfolio to view them together. Have separate roadmaps for individual products, departments or teams and bring them together into a single unified roadmap.

This Portfolio View merges two roadmaps, but you can merge an unlimited number of roadmaps into a single view and display them with a consistent timeline.

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