Sharing With a Viewer

Invite an unlimited number of people to your roadmap with Viewer privileges.

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When you invite people to your roadmap with Viewer privileges, they get a presentation-quality version. You can invite an unlimited number of viewers to your roadmaps for no additional cost (Viewer licenses are free).

To invite a Viewer to a Roadmap, go to that roadmap and click ‘Share’ to the right of the screen. Enter their email address in the given field, select the option “Can View”, and press Send Invite. They will then receive an email invitation prompting them to create a Viewer account.

Viewers can interact with and scroll through your roadmap. They can also add comments. However, unless you explicitly give them Editor privileges they cannot edit or change any of the information.

Below is an example of what Viewers see. You can enter this mode by clicking the Switch button, indicated by the arrow.

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