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Adding Custom Tags

Use Custom Tags to easily categorize and filter your roadmap information.

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With tags you can easily categorize and filter your roadmap based on custom information. Tags are flexible – you can use them to add details such as: product owners, geographic locations and/or teams. These are just a few ideas. We're always happy to brainstorm more together!


To add a tag, open the details of a bar or container. You must have edit access on a roadmap. Begin typing in the tags field to add or select a tag from the dropdown. If a tag has already been created you can select it from the dropdown menu. To create the tag, click your return key or enter a comma. Our best practice is to have the theme of the category at the beginning of each tag. You can decide between a dash, colon or other device to separate the subsets!

Admins are able to view and manage your list of tags. Find this is within Account Settings, under the Standardize tab.

From here you can merge existing tags to standardize your roadmap, quickly edit tag names, or delete tags to keep your list organized.

When Viewers see your tags, they appear clean and simply on the Details screen:

Use the Filter button to filter the roadmap by one or more tags. This is a great way to create a custom roadmap for discussion or exporting. Note that tags are roadmap-specific. You can filter tags on roadmaps and portfolio views.

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