Adding Details to Bars

Edit the information in your bars at any time.

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When dragging a new bar onto a timeline or list, a mini bar details menu will automatically open. Within the quick edit menu, you are able to change the title, description and add tags. If you wish to add more details in the full bar details, click More Options.

To edit an existing Bar (or Container), just click on it. You can add details that will be visible to viewers of your roadmap. Editors of your roadmap can also update Bar information.

You will notice a few options to click between on the left-hand side, including General, Connections (if toggled on), Links (where you can include any applicable links), and Integrations.

Within general details, you can also have a Custom Field, which is set by the Admin of your account to help you standardize your roadmap even further.

As you complete details, they are visible to viewers of your roadmap (items you don’t complete are hidden).

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