The Teams feature makes it easy for Professional and Enterprise customers to organize users and roadmap permissions in ProductPlan. As a Professional or Enterprise, Admin you can create/delete teams and add/remove users from teams. You can even include group attributes in your metadata mapping with your SSO configuration, so as to automatically provision users to Teams.

To create a new team head to the Teams tab in your Account Settings and click “Create Team”:

To add users to a team, click into the team name and select “Add to Team” to select users from a drop-down menu.

As an Editor on a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you have the ability to share your Roadmap with specific teams. Select which teams you’d like to share your Roadmap with from the dropdown in your Roadmap’s share dialogue:


Can users be in more than one team? 

Yes, Users can be in multiple teams at once.

Is there any limit to the number of Teams you can create?

No, but we advise customers to keep the number of Teams reasonable for ease of sharing and organization.

When you delete a team, does it delete the users in it or the roadmaps owned by those users?

No, deleting a team does not delete the users or the roadmaps in that team. It does, however, revoke any team-based roadmap permissions that have been granted which may cause users to lose access to Roadmaps.

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