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Deleting or Removing a User from your Account
Deleting or Removing a User from your Account

Account admins have the option to remove a user from their account or delete the user completely.

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Removing a User from your Account

From the Users tab in your Account Settings, click the ellipsis on the right hand side of the user you would like to remove to see your options.

Removing a user from the account will transfer them into an individual, View Only account. This will not delete any of the Roadmaps that they own or individual permissions they may have to other Roadmaps. It will remove all of their team-based Roadmap permissions. 

You can re-add a removed user to your account at any time, but this will not restore their previous Roadmap permissions.

Deleting a User

Deleting a User will remove them from your account and permanently delete any Roadmaps the person has created. This action cannot be undone. You can check which Roadmaps a User is the owner of by clicking their name in your Users page. We recommend double checking that the user isn't the owner of any important Roadmaps before you delete them. A user's Roadmaps can be transferred to the admin or another user before deletion. 

Deleting a user will also result in their account becoming locked. The user will no longer be able to sign into their account and will not be able to be re-added to your account without the assistance of a ProductPlan admin.

Note: Deleting or removing a user does not reduce the license count on your billing cycle, it simply eliminates that user allowing you to replace them with another user.

Reach out to for help or additional questions. 

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