Using SSO for your team in ProductPlan requires an Enterprise Subscription. Setting up Single Sign On for ADFS is similar to setting up Active Directory. Please contact and then complete the following steps:

Contact ProductPlan and send us your Federation Metadata XML file. We will provide you with our Verification Certificate.

Once you've provided us with your metadata file, navigate to the ADFS server and open the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 2.0 Management console. The ADFS 2.0 window as display below should appear.

1. In the left pane, expand Trust Relationships and right-click on the option for Relying Party Trusts, selecting Add Relying Party Trust, as displayed below and select Start. 

2. Next, you'll notice the Select Data Source window appear, from which you'll select the option "Enter data about the relying party manually". When the dialog appears, enter an appropriate display name. For example, you can use ProductPlan, as shown below. Click Next to continue the configuration.

3. Enter the Relying party identifier: PingConnect and select Add. Select the Endpoint tab, and then select Add SAML. 

4. Then, on the Signature tab, you'll need to add the Verification Certificate, provided by ProductPlan. 

5. For the Issuance Authorization Rules you will need to enter the following:

6. Last, you will need to confirm under the Advanced tab that SHA-256 is selected. Click OK to Save your changes.

You can now test the connection by logging into ADFS and selecting ProductPlan. Alternatively, you can login via the ProductPlan application here. Simply enter the email address that matches your ProductPlan account, leaving the password field blank. If set up successfully, you should be redirected to your SSO login page. We recommend using an Incognito Window to test the SSO.

For any questions or concerns, please email us at and we'd be happy to walk you through any of the above steps as well.

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