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Share the latest updates on your roadmap in real time to the rest of your organization using our MS Teams Integration.

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ProductPlan’s integration with MS Teams helps keep your organization up to date on changes in real-time. Once you integrate your roadmap with MS Teams, you can communicate changes directly to any webhook. While available to evaluate during your trial of ProductPlan, this integration is a feature only available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

To configure, you'll first want to set up the connection from your Integrations page. Once you've authorized the integration, you'll want to enter a Webhook title and URL: 

You can find more information on how to create an Incoming Webhook here.

Once the configuration is complete, you'll want to select the webhook where you'd like notifications to post to. Select Settings and navigate to the Microsoft Teams option on the left. You can select from the dropdown which webhook to be notified on. 

Notifications for changes made to Bars and Containers will also be sent to MS Teams. When you resize, move, add a new Bar, or delete a Bar your team will be notified. Notifications for deleted Bars are immediate, while those for changes made to Bars will be sent after five minutes. These notifications will be cumulative of all changes made within those five minutes – that way your team is only notified once.

Anyone with access to the channel can view the comment and notification, and those with access to the roadmap can click the link to open it. Once opened, the linked Bar will be called out on your screen.

Embedding a roadmap in a tab in MS Teams

To view your roadmap in MS Teams, add a custom tab to a selected MS Teams channel. In ProductPlan, create a private link using the Share button on the right hand sidebar.

Then in MS Teams, select the channel you'd like to display the roadmap and click the + tab. Select 'Website' from the menu options and paste the private link and hit save.

Once the roadmap is embedded, anyone who has access to the teams channel will be able to view the roadmap. If SSO is enabled and restricted to private links users will have to sign in to ProductPlan in order to view.

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