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You can create custom fields for Bars and Containers on your roadmap.

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You can create custom fields to appear in your bar/container details to help standardize roadmaps across your account.

Creating Custom Fields

Account Admins can create custom fields from the account settings page. To access this portal, click into Account Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen. You'll then click Standardize and see the Custom Text Field option. Once added, the custom fields have the ability to appear in all roadmaps across the account. This will be set on a per roadmap basis by each editor. Today, custom fields are open text fields that you can apply a custom label to.

Account Admins have the option to add up to five open text fields. This is set to the account level, and once saved it can be applied to any roadmap on the account. Custom Text Fields are managed under the Standardize tab at the Account Settings.

Note: You can also delete custom fields from your Settings, as well. Please note that this will delete that field across all roadmaps and any data that may have been populated in that field.

Team Custom Text Fields

Similarly to the account Account Admin, the Team Admin will be able to create up to five custom text fields under their Teams tab.

Note: Up to five custom fields of any configuration (dropdown, text and/or shared legend) can be created for your team.

Utilizing Custom Fields

Once configured at the account and/or team level, each roadmap has the flexibility to select the appropriate fields. To get started on the personal roadmap configuration, click Settings (gear icon) and select Fields. This is where you're able to customize the fields for your roadmap. You can select up to 10 custom fields between the company custom fields and the team custom fields.

You can click on a bar or container on your roadmap to enter text into the custom field(s).

You can also choose to view your custom field as a column in your roadmap's Table Layout.

By default, custom fields will not be selected to display. To turn them on, click Edit Columns in the right corner of your Table Layout and checking the box next to the custom field.

This feature is available on both Professional and Enterprise plans along with Trials.

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