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ProductPlan's integration with Zapier makes it easy to connect your roadmaps to any data source.

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ProductPlan’s integration with Zapier makes it easy to connect your roadmaps to any data source. It also provides a convenient way to extract roadmap data to connect with other tools of your choice. You can connect with any of Zapier’s 3,000+ supported apps, connecting your roadmaps in ProductPlan to any data source, workflows, or other tools that you use daily.

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How it Works

There are two ways that you can leverage Zapier to connect your roadmaps with other tools. The integration will allow you to either pull or push data between ProductPlan and the tools of your choice:

Actions (Pull Data)

Actions are automated events that you’ve enabled to occur within ProductPlan. You can think of these as a way to Pull data from outsides tools into your ProductPlan roadmap. Actions allow you to treat other tools as the data source that your roadmaps will connect to. In Zapier, you will need to select a trigger event before selecting which actions you wish to perform.

Supported Actions

  • Create Parked Bar - This creates a new Parked Bar in your Table

  • Update Bar - This updates the desired fields for a Planned Bar on your Roadmap

  • Add Comment to Bar - This adds a new comment to an existing Bar on your Roadmap

  • Find Bar by Title - This action will supply the Bar ID in order to perform other actions for the given Bar

Triggers (Push Data)

A Trigger is an event in ProductPlan that starts the Zapier integration. You can think of these as a way to Push data from ProductPlan to an outside tool. Triggers will allow you to treat ProductPlan as a data source that connects other tools to your roadmaps.

Supported Triggers

  • New Bar on Roadmap - Creating a new Bar on a specified Roadmap

  • Roadmap Bar Updated - Updating the desired fields of a Bar on a specified Roadmap

  • Roadmap Updated - When the specified Roadmap has been updated

  • Comment Added to Bar - A new comment has been added to an existing Bar


ProductPlan uses Oauth 2.0 to authenticate with Zapier. In order to use the integration, you’ll need an active ProductPlan account. To activate the integration, you’ll just need to grant Zapier permission to access certain information from ProductPlan when you create a Zap.


There are many ways that you can leverage the Zapier integration to automate your roadmap process - from pulling in feature requests or ideas to automatically populate your Table, to creating dashboards based on Roadmap status and changes. Below are a few examples of popular Zaps for connecting ProductPlan to other tools.


ProductPlan Idea Management

Use responses from Google Forms to send feature requests directly to your Table in ProductPlan.


Roadmap Integrations

Create new rows in Google Sheets when new Bars are added to your Roadmap.

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