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Roadmap Activity Metrics

Which Editors & Non-Editors (Viewers/Shared Links) are viewing your roadmaps and Portfolios?

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Roadmap Activity Metrics gives roadmap Editors the ability to see how many people have viewed a given roadmap or Portfolio in the last 13 weeks.

With Activity Metrics, you’re able to better understand if and how your audience is engaging with roadmaps. Are you seeing a spike in numbers after presenting at an all-hands meeting? Is there a downturn during planning season when everyone is focused on their own lane?

Editors will have access to Activity Metrics for their roadmaps. This new feature can be found under the menu. These metrics will be available to individual roadmaps and Portfolio views. There are three views included in Activity Metrics. The first is the main standard view of the roadmap. The second is a Custom View, and the third is a private URL view.

When you click Activity, a graph will appear showing views from the last 13 weeks. The graph will show data weekly split up view by Editors and non-Editors. Non-Editors includes Viewers and anyone who may not have a ProductPlan account seen via private URL. The graph will also show the total number of weekly views.

A view is classified as any time someone opens the roadmap. Activity Metrics will reflect consolidated views that occur within a 10 minute time frame for a single user. If someone is flipping back and forth between two roadmaps, that will be counted as one view for each roadmap (unless they occur more than 10 minutes apart). Having a tab open does not count as a session. If you have a pinned tab for the roadmap, it would not be a session unless someone clicked the tab to view it.

The data is updated daily at 10 am UTC. If you’re interested in seeing if an effort you made today has an impact, check tomorrow for the most accurate results.

This feature is currently available to Professional and Enterprise customers.

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