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Roadmap Level Conversations
Roadmap Level Conversations

Roadmap-level conversations help you talk about your roadmaps at a higher level

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Roadmap level conversations allow you to hold and document conversations at the roadmap level.

With this feature, you can review roadmaps asynchronously with your team and stakeholders. Whether keeping your team updated on the status of roadmap initiatives, identifying roadblocks or requesting more information, all of this can be done within the context of the roadmap. You can have these higher level conversations directly within your ProductPlan roadmaps.

To access roadmap level conversations, click the bell icon in the top right-hand menu of a roadmap. From here, you will have the option to toggle between All, Open and Resolved comments. Once a comment has been addressed or resolved, the roadmap Editor is able to resolve the comment by clicking the checkmark icon in the top righthand corner of the comment field. The resolved comment can also be reopened.

Roadmap level conversations will be available for both roadmaps and Portfolio views. Conversations will be available for custom views and private URLs. You have the option to hide comments for Private URLs. Hiding comments is done at the account level and will apply to roadmaps, bars and containers. Roadmap level conversations will not be available on Versions at this time.

You can also thread comments together to make it incredibly easy to keep your comments organized. With comment threads, you can reply to specific comments. Those replies will be nested comfortably underneath in a thread as shown below. If you comment on a resolved comment, that will reopen the previously resolved comment. You can also resolve entire threads at once.

Roadmap level conversations are exclusive to either the roadmap or Portfolio. Comments created on a roadmap do not roll up to a Portfolio view. Comments made at the Portfolio level do not roll down to individual roadmaps.

The Editor or Viewer leaving the comment will be able to edit and/or delete their comment. If a comment is directed at an individual, you have the option to @ mention people. The below graphic breaks down the expected functionality of the Roadmap Level Conversation feature:

This feature is available to Basic, Professional, Enterprise and Trial accounts. All personas within ProductPlan (Viewer, Editor, Admin) will have access to roadmap level conversations. You must be logged in to leave a comment.

At this time, comments cannot be exported nor will they appear in weekly summary reports about roadmap changes.

This feature is currently in beta, so we welcome your thoughts and feedback!

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