Highlight Roadmap Changes allows you (Editors and Viewers) to selectively highlight which roadmap bars have been added, moved and edited. Selected bars will be highlighted and labeled in your roadmap view. With this, you can provide stakeholders with a quick, visual summary of how your plans have changed since last reviewing your roadmap.

To access this feature, click History in the right sidebar menu. From here, you’ll find a toggle to highlight changes in your roadmap. From this list, select changes you’d like to visualize.

Once you’ve selected which changes you’d like to visualize, you’ll find them highlighted in your roadmap along with the specific changes listed below.

Changes included in this new feature include…

  • New Bars added to the roadmap

  • Manual edits made from the roadmap

    • Bars that are moved by drag & drop

    • Resized bars

    • Date changes made from bar details

    • Bars that are parked/unparked

    • Changes made to the bar details field

All ProductPlan accounts will have access to Highlights. This includes both Editors and Viewers. You will have access to this feature on the Timeline and List layouts. Highlight will be available from Custom Views and anywhere the History module is seen. At this time, Highlight will not be available at the Portfolio level or be accessible from private links.

Exporting Highlighted Views is not supported at this time, but we encourage you to utilize screenshots as a way to capture this dynamic image.

Highlight Changes will help you tell the story or where your roadmap was, where it is and where it’s heading. Please share your feedback and thoughts as this is currently in beta.

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