Your Launch Management Dashboard allows you to consolidate information about your upcoming launches in a single location.

The Dashboard is your launch source of truth. This works in tandem with your roadmap as a source of truth. Both live in the greater ProductPlan environment. Information to highlight in your Dashboard should remain high level and include launch title, description, launch date and status.

After clicking the Launch Management rocket icon, you’ll be taken to the Launch Management dashboard. If you are an editor, you will have the option to either +Add a Launch or view an already existing launch.

Editors will be able to add a launch to the Dashboard. There are four required fields necessary for a launch to be added. These fields include Launch Title, Date (Launch Date), Description and Feature (existing Bar/Container on your roadmap). There can be multiple Features across multiple roadmaps connected to a single launch.

Once the launch is added to the Dashboard, editors will be able to update the Status of said launch. This will be a manual update and chosen from the following: High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk and Launched. Editors will also be able to make edits to any of the fields by clicking into the text.

Determining when to add a launch to the Dashboard is key. When planning your launch, this should be done only as far as you can reliably plan the scope and relative timeline of the launch. If the scope of the launch is in flux, that’s a sign it’s too early to plan. Ideally you’ll plan the launch when the scope is solidified enough for cross functional partners to begin work on deliverables.

There is naturally a flip side to starting too early. You’ll also want to avoid planning too late. Your cross functional partners need adequate time to complete deliverables. Not just complete the deliverables, but to complete them with a high level of quality aligned with their own strategies and goals.

As Launch Management is currently in beta, please share your feedback and thoughts.

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