Roadmap Basics

Get started on the right foot with our Roadmap Basics video library. Take a look at our extended overview that touches on each ProductPlan feature. Want more information on a particular feature? You will also find links for a more in-depth looks at these ProductPlan assets!


Learn how to create and edit your roadmap’s Legend to easily communicate key information to your audience(s)!


Add Lanes to your roadmap to represent products, teams, OKRs/objectives or anything to help organize the roadmap hierarchy.


Containers and Bars are the next level down in your roadmap hierarchy. Containers generally represent a longer term project or theme, and Bars are the most granular component.


Walk through adding Custom Tags to your initiatives, where to find them, and inspiration on what to include from our support team.


Learn how to create and identify relationships or interdependencies between roadmapping initiatives with Dependencies.


Learn how to add important events and significant dates to your roadmap with Milestones.

Filters/Custom Views

Customize your roadmap view and limit extraneous information with personal filters and Custom Views. Personal filters are temporary and unique to your view while Custom Views are saved and shareable filters for your whole team!


Dive into ProductPlan's History feature to track your team's progress, highlight changes made to your roadmap and make sure your editors are all on the same page.


Understand your options for exporting your roadmap based on layout, view, and format.


Check out the different options for sharing your roadmap with team members, stakeholders, customers and more!

Integrations Overview

Integrations can be extremely lucrative in creating useful roadmaps for you and your team! Take a look into our integrations video library for in depth information regarding each app you can integrate with ProductPlan.


Follow our support team's tutorial on integrations your roadmaps with Jira to maintain consistency and comprehension across your organization.


Learn how to capture and share screen recordings of your roadmaps by setting up your Vimeo integration.

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