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Customize the Fields to display on your roadmap's bars/containers

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When configuring your roadmap, you have the option to customize your display fields based on ProductPlan settings, account settings and team settings.

Field customization will happen under Fields if you're creating a new roadmap. The ProductPlan base settings include Connections, Dates, Effort, Percent Complete and Strategic Importance.

Effort can be toggled between sizes (S-XL) or numeric values (1-10). You're able to remove any of these fields by clicking the X to the right of the box.

Professional and Enterprise customers will be able to customize their fields further based on account and team settings. Editors will be able to choose up to 10 additional fields between the account and team custom fields. This can be any combination of Custom Text Fields and/or Custom Dropdown Fields.

The selected fields can be personalized on a per roadmap basis.

Fields on Portfolio Views can also be customized.

Title, Description, Tags, Legend, Lane, Notes and Links are displayed for all bars/containers. These fields cannot be hidden.

Note: Team fields are available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. Professional accounts can make up to three teams while Enterprise has unlimited.

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