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Each icon has a specific meaning and purpose from the home screen of ProductPlan

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Navigation and Account Settings are found along the lefthand side of the screen. The ProductPlan features are found at the top of the screen and personal settings are found at the bottom.

This navigation is structured to allow for clean, simple delineation between each point on the product journey. You're now able to more easily navigate through the full product lifecycle with each feature having its own set place on the menu. For more details on each icon, please read on!

ProductPlan Features

Strategy (Beta)

Strategy is denoted by the bullseye icon. This feature allows you to connect your strategy to the work happening across the product lifecycle.


Product Discovery encompasses Idea and Opportunity Management. The lightbulb is the icon associated with this feature. Product Discovery gives you a space to collect feedback, manage ideas and validate business opportunities.


Roadmaps (and portfolio views) are accessible via the ProductPlan icon. Editors are able to create, edit and share as many roadmaps as needed. These provide a high-level strategic document to communicate your product updates.


Launches are found by clicking the rocket ship icon. This feature gives you a central place to plan, track and communicate your upcoming launches alongside your roadmaps.


The magnifying glass is the icon for Search. You're able to search all roadmaps from this menu item. ProductPlan indexes all titles and descriptions for your bars, containers and roadmaps/portfolios. Search allows you to easily locate an item and quickly access it.

Personal Settings


The gear icon denotes Account Settings. This is particularly important for account admins. Account admins are able to manage the overall account within Settings. Creating Teams, formalizing Standardization and assigning Users is done from Account.


To access the integrations homepage, you'll click the puzzle piece icon. From this page, you'll be able to configure integrations that include Azure DevOps, Jira, MS Teams, Trello, Vimeo and others.


Your profile details are found under the person icon. You're able to update passwords and email address here. You can also pick and choose the email notifications to receive.


Click the question mark icon to access the Support component. You have the ability to chat with our team; search the Support Center (welcome); sign up for training sessions, and read release notes under this module.

Sign Out

Clicking the exit arrow will sign you out of the account.

A Few Notes

A few of these features are specific to certain account (Professional and/or Enterprise) and permission (Viewer, Editor, Team Admin, Account Admin) types. Editors will only see features they have access to.

Account admins will see all features (disabled if they do not have access).

Trials will see everything. These accounts will see a badge indicating which features are Enterprise only. If you're interested in learning more about any of these features (or testing the full Enterprise capability), please reach out to our team here.

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