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Synchronizing Fields With Jira and Azure DevOps
Synchronizing Fields With Jira and Azure DevOps

ProductPlan lets you synchronize multiple fields for bars and containers with Jira and Azure DevOps

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ProductPlan lets you synchronize multiple fields for bars and containers with Jira and Azure DevOps. Syncing will happen automatically once each day, or you can manually sync Roadmaps that you own at any time.

To enable syncing, go to the Integrations page and enable the fields you want to sync. Syncing will update the field in ProductPlan with the data from Jira or ADO. There is no way to undo this. If enabled, all existing bars with a single Jira or ADO link will have their fields mapped according to your integration settings.

*Please note: the sync settings you choose and manual sync functionality will only be applied to Roadmaps that you are the owner of. If you are collaborating on someone else's Roadmap, that user's settings will be applied to the Roadmap. Additionally, if there's any current information in your existing bars or containers, the sync will override the information (it is not a merge).

If you do not want to sync an aspect of an individual bar or container you can prevent this by going to the details screen of the bar and clicking the plug icon next to the field to unlink it prior to a sync. 

You can read more about how Percent Complete is calculated here.

Syncing Dates

Using the integration, you can have the start and end dates of your bars/containers update automatically as things change in Jira or ADO.  

First, select a project that has the date fields you'd like to map to. Once a project is picked, you can begin selecting which fields to map your Start and End date too. We will recognize any fields present on the create screen of the selected project in Jira. You can still link or import bars from projects other than the one selected, but if the same date fields are not present in the other project dates will not be synced. 

*Please note: In order for dates to sync, both a Start and End date must be mapped. 

Two-Way Date Sync

The two way Jira/ADO integration allows you to update your start and/or end dates in ProductPlan. The two-way synchronization provides flexibility that will complement your workflow, keeping your ProductPlan roadmap up to date and a trusted source of truth. Check out that article for other two-way field sync capabilities in addition to date.

Plug Icons

The plug icons allow you to easily see the status of your integration sync and identify where issues are occurring. Icons are reflected on each bar and container and within the bar and container details. To see more details about the state of the bar, hover over the bar.




Link Broken

The linked issue doesn’t exist or could not be found during the sync or push to Jira or ADO

Push Failed

One or more fields on the bar have failed to push an update to Jira or ADO.

Sync Failed

One or more fields on the bar received bad data, and syncing was turned off for those fields.

Push Queued

One or more fields in the bar have pushes queued.

Sync Off

One or more fields on the bar have sync turned off.

Sync On

Syncing is on for all fields that are set up for syncing.

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