ProductPlan’s integrations with Jira and ADO provide a valuable way for you to visualize the work that you have planned. The two-way synchronization provides flexibility that will complement your workflow, keeping your ProductPlan roadmap up to date and a trusted source of truth, and empowering users to have more control with the information presented in both applications.

Date Sync (Jira & ADO)

The need to update your start and end dates in two places will no longer be necessary. To begin updating your start and/or end date in ProductPlan, you’ll drag and drop your individual Bar to the new date. This functionality is currently supported in the Timeline and List views via drag and drop.

Once you’ve dropped the Bar, you will see a notification by the Integrations toolbar. There will be a new "Push Changes" option on the menu. You’ll then confirm the change, and the dates will then be updated from ProductPlan to your Jira/ADO instance.

If you do not select Push Changes, the changes made in ProductPlan will be overwritten in the nightly sync from Jira/ADO. We are essentially keeping the existing functionality in place with the added benefit of a two-way date syncing option.

Lanes & Legend (Jira)

In addition to dates, Jira users have the ability to sync custom dropdown fields in Jira with your roadmap legend and lanes.

To get started in a new roadmap, you will:

  1. Access your Jira instance, and select an issue such as an epic or story.

  2. Click on Configure. (Note: you may need access to this capability from your Jira admin)

  3. You'll be directed to the screen below. Add a custom dropdown field from the right-hand side of the screen and input the desired Name, Description, and Lane options (ex: potential Lane options could be Teams and include options like Marketing, Sales, and Engineering). Save Changes when done.

  4. Repeat this step for Legend options if desired.

  5. In the Jira issues you intend to integrate with ProductPlan, now fill out the new custom dropdown field(s) that you've just added.

  6. Navigate back to ProductPlan and begin a Jira import in the way you typically would.

  7. Select the Jira fields that you would like to map to the Lane and/or Legend for your roadmap. Options with two arrows indicate the information can be synced both ways. Click on "Save new mappings for syncing", if appropriate.

  8. Complete the import, and unpark any applicable bars/containers to add them to your live timeline or layout roadmap views. To verify that the integration is working, you can click into bar/container details and note the Lane and/or Legend field(s) accompanied by a single plug icon.

To edit existing roadmaps, you will:

  1. In the top right corner of ProductPlan, click on Settings (person icon) and select Integrations.

  2. Next, select Jira. Within this section are the roadmap-specific fields to map your Lane and Legend.

  3. Define how you want to map your Lane by selecting the pertinent Jira field from the list of options.

    1. The options for two-way syncing will display with two arrows, pointing up and down.

    2. If you have not mapped your Legend, this same capability applies.

  4. After confirming, head back to the pertinent roadmap(s).

  5. On the right side, find Integrations and click on Jira.

  6. Select Sync from Jira to incorporate your new Lane/Legend syncing settings.

    1. Note: Your previous lanes will not automatically disappear, even if all bars and containers have been moved out of them. You can delete each of these separately.

For other fields, such as Title and Description, we will still look to Jira and ADO as the source of truth. You will need to have dates mapped from the integrations setup page. For the push from ProductPlan to work, we will need to know where to send the dates.

This feature is currently available to both Professional and Enterprise accounts.


I synced my roadmap lanes with Jira. Why does my roadmap still show old lanes?

ProductPlan’s integration will not automatically remove the lane information that you have previously set up, in order to mitigate risks associated with data loss. Once you have removed all items from your Lanes, you can delete each of the lanes and they should not reappear.

Why does my legend now have old items and the newly synced field?

ProductPlan’s integration will not automatically remove the legend information that you have previously set up, in order to mitigate risks associated with data loss. Once you have removed old items from your Legend, they should not reappear unless your roadmap is set to utilize a shared legend with your organization.

Which roadmapping views are impacted?

After mapping the Lanes for a roadmap, the integration will mainly impact the Timeline and List views. The Table view may also show updated information, but updates made in the Table cannot be pushed to Jira at this time.

Can I turn syncing on and off for a specific bar/container?

Yes, to alter a specific bar or container, you can:

  1. Open the pertinent bar or container on your roadmap. Note that a plug icon appears next to the Lane and/or Legend dropdown field.

  2. Click on the icon to alter whether or not it syncs.

  3. Note the icon has changed, confirming your choice.

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