ProductPlan’s integrations with Jira and ADO provide a valuable way for you to visualize the work that you have planned. The two way synchronization provides flexibility that will complement your workflow, keeping your ProductPlan roadmap up to date and a trusted source of truth.

Date Sync

The need to update your start and end dates in two places will no longer be necessary. To begin updating your start and/or end date in ProductPlan, you’ll drag and drop your individual Bar to the new date. This functionality is currently supported in the Timeline view via drag and drop.

Once you’ve dropped the Bar, you will see a notification by the Integrations toolbar. There will be a new Push Changes option on the menu. You’ll then confirm the change, and the dates will then be updated from ProductPlan to your Jira/ADO instance.

If you do not select Push Changes, the changes made in ProductPlan will be overwritten in the nightly sync from Jira/ADO. We are essentially keeping the existing functionality in place with the added benefit of a two way date syncing option.

For other fields, such as Title and Description, we will still look to Jira and ADO as the source of truth.

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