ProductPlan’s integration with Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services) allows you to easily import epics or stories from your projects or boards to ProductPlan or link your items to existing ProductPlan Bars or Containers.  Use the integration to synchronize percent complete, title and description to always stay up-to-date.

ProductPlan will pull completion progress directly from Azure DevOps and automatically update the percent complete on your roadmap. You’ll be able to synchronize the percent complete in ProductPlan by either stories completed or story points.

ProductPlan can also integrate with Team Foundation Server. To integrate with TFS, your server needs to be accessible from outside the firewall. You can find more information on how to set that up here.

Setup Instructions

To set up the integration, go to your Integrations page and click “Begin Azure DevOps Integration”. You will need to provide your Azure DevOps URL as well as a Personal Access Token in order to configure the integration.

To generate a Personal Access Token:

  1. Go to your Azure DevOps security page and click “New Token”.
  2. You’ll need to set a name and expiration date for your token.
  3. Next, choose which scopes to include. You can include “All scopes” or “Custom defined”. If you choose “Custom defined”, the two required fields you must include are:
  • Project and team (read)
  • Work items (read)

Once the integration is configured, you can check the box to decide which items you want to sync. You can sync Title, Description, and percent complete based on either Story Points, or Number of Stories completed.

Importing From Azure DevOps (VSTS) to ProductPlan

Once you’ve set up your integration, you can easily import multiple epics or stories straight into ProductPlan all at once. To import, go to the Parking Lot of the roadmap you want to import into and click the import button at the top. Select the Azure DevOps tab to begin.

Select the project you want to import from. Then search for initiatives you would like to import into the Parking Lot. Your search should include at least three characters.
The search functionality will work exactly the same as it does in Azure. Take a look at Azure's special operators here to learn about how to filter your search and make importing the right items even easier. 

After searching, click “Import” to import them as ideas on your Parking Lot. This will include the title and description fields and create a link to the epic or story in Azure DevOps. You can select these ideas from your Parking Lot, and click "Move" to move these Bars directly onto your roadmap.

Linking Bars or Containers

  1. Click on a Bar or Container to open up the details page
  2. Select Add a Link > Azure DevOps
  3. Choose the appropriate project from the dropdown
  4. Search for the issue that you wish to link (your search must include at least three characters)

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