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Custom Views

Create custom Views of your roadmap to share with different audiences.

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Create custom views of your roadmap to share with different audiences. With custom views, you can save alternate timelines, pivot your roadmap to a kanban style, and/or apply saved filters to share with your team. Once you’ve created a view, you can share it with your team by creating a private link to it.

Customer views come in handy when presenting to leadership/executives about your initiatives. They're also beneficial when sharing a more limited view with your secondary and even tertiary audiences..

There are a few ways to create a new custom view. The most common way to create a custom view is to select the name of your roadmap at the top left of your toolbar, and then select Add New View.

To create a new custom view, you’ll need to give it a title. You will also be able to add a description, change the bar and font style, set an alternate timeline, and apply view filters.

Another way to create a custom view is through the Filter option on the righthand side of the roadmap. If you have created a personal filter to view your roadmap, you'll now see an option for Save as...

Once your custom view is created, it will have its own Settings. You can update and save different Settings for each view. You can adjust the saved view filter at any time as well.

View Filters are different from the Personal Filter to the right of your roadmap. The View Filter lets you share your custom filtered view with your audience, while the Personal Filter is unique to each individual user.

Anyone you’ve shared the roadmap with will be able to see the custom views you’ve created. Any editors of the roadmap can create custom views. Each view is tied to the roadmap, and any information you add to the roadmap will be saved to all views.

Sharing Custom Views

Sharing a roadmap with someone will also share any custom views you’ve created. If you want to give someone access to only a specific view of the roadmap, you can create a private link for it. To create a private link for your view, click Share, and then Create new link. These can be deleted at any time, as well.

Why You Should Share Views

With ProductPlan’s Views feature, you can create custom views of your roadmap for different audiences in seconds.

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