You can customize which Bars, Containers, or Milestones you want to see in your Roadmap View by creating a filter. You can filter by Lanes, Legend colors, or Tags. The filter functionality on the right hand side of your Roadmap is a personal filter, and lets you adjust your view of the roadmap. It is not permanent, and your Viewers won’t see the filters that you have applied.

To be reminded that your roadmap has a personal filter on, you will see the Filter bolded on your roadmap with a dot next to it.

However, if you want to share a filtered view of your roadmap, you can create custom views to share with different audiences. You can also Export your filtered roadmap into a PDF or PNG and create unique views for different audiences.

Both Viewers and Editors can apply personal filters to roadmaps and Portfolio Views.

Keep in mind, if you have a filter applied on your Roadmap and attempt to add a new item it is going to be immediately filtered out of your view unless it falls under one of the categories you've selected to view. When you turn the filter off, you will see any newly added items appear.

You can also create a personal filter of your Table layout, or create a custom view from the personal filter of your Table layout. However, when filtering by Tags in the Table layout you are unable to filter Tags that are assigned exclusively to bars or containers in the parked section of your roadmap. You can find more information on filtering your Table here.

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