The Table Layout option gives users the ability to see an overview of all of their roadmap items in one place.

Navigate to your Roadmap's Table Layout by clicking the table icon in your Roadmap Header.

Once in the Table Layout section of your roadmap, you can choose whether you want to filter by Planned or Parked bars.

Planned bars are any of the in-flight items currently on your primary Timeline or List View. Any time an item gets added to your primary view, they will appear under the Planned area of your Table Layout. You can also add new bars or containers to your Planned section.

The Parked section represents your Roadmap's backlog. It's a great place to store future items for prioritization or paused initiatives. For more information on managing your Roadmap's backlog click here.

Once you have added Containers and Bars to the Planned or Parked section of your Table Layout, you can then bulk add Bars inside their desired Containers. To do this, select the bar or bars you wish to add. Next, choose the Actions dropdown option, and finally click Move to Container. From there, you will select the Container you want to move the Bar(s) into.

From the Edit Columns dropdown menu of the Table Layout, you can customize which columns you want to appear in your Planned and Parked view. Click on the Edit Columns dropdown in the top right corner to see your options. By default, you can choose from the options seen in the screenshot below. If your account is utilizing Custom Fields, you will have the option to display those in the table as well as an item's Prioritization Score.

From from the Planned or Parked section, you're able to Export your roadmap data at any time. Keep in mind, this will only Export the columns you have visibly checked. There are a few columns that will not Export (even if you have them checked). These items include Connections and Links.

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