One of the powerful features of ProductPlan is the ability to share your web based roadmap to easily communicate with your team. You can share your roadmaps to collaborate with editors, or grant access to unlimited viewers. To make sharing even more powerful, you can create custom Views to share with different audiences.

To share a custom View of a roadmap, you can create a private link. You can create private links for your different Views, or to the whole roadmap. Private links provide view-only access to your View or to your roadmap.

To create a private link, click Share to the right of your roadmap or View. Then, just select which View you want to create a link for:

You can also create Custom Views for Master Plans. Master Plans are shareable view-only versions of your existing roadmaps. You can include a single roadmap, or choose to include multiple roadmaps. Visit your roadmaps page to create a Master Plan.

Once you’ve created a Master Plan, you can open the Settings to apply a View Filter:

Any Settings or View Filters that you apply to your Master Plan will be visible to anyone you share the Master Plan with. That way, you can share custom Master Plan views with different audiences. This is a great way to combine multiple custom Views into a portfolio View.

You or any editor of the Master Plan can edit the view filter that you’ve created. Any editor can create unlimited Master Plans and Roadmaps.

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