ProductPlan’s GitHub integration gives you a way to link Bars or Containers on your roadmap with Issues in GitHub.

Once connected, you can synchronize the percentage complete, title and description of your items in ProductPlan based on their state in Github. ProductPlan will update linked items once a day, or you can sync manually any time. Learn more about how percent complete is calculated here

Setup Instructions for ProductPlan User

To get started, go to your Integrations page and click “Begin Integration”. Once you are logged into your Github account, it will then prompt you to give personal authorization to the OAuth app. For repositories that are under an organization, they must also be given organizational authorization. This can be done from Github by navigating to the organization’s settings, then Third-party access. This must be done for each organization that your different repositories may be under. You can find more information on this process from GitHub here.

To link Issues from GitHub, proceed to a roadmap and click on a Bar or Container. Simply click “Links” and go to the GitHub tab to begin searching.

Keep in mind that you cannot link pull requests as items. Therefore, we will filter out two types of searches: type:pr and is:pr.

Otherwise, you can search by term just as you would in GitHub (searching in Github). For example, you could search: story, or use qualifiers: story author:username state:open

Importing From GitHub to ProductPlan

You can import multiple Issues from GitHub directly to the Parked section within the Table Layout. The import search will work just like when searching for Issues, as described above. Once you’ve searched for the Issues you want, you can select which ones to include from the menu provided.

All imported items will have links to their Issues in GitHub. After importing, you can select multiple items and move them to your Roadmap.

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