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Bulk Actions and Editing Multiple Bars at Once
Bulk Actions and Editing Multiple Bars at Once

Using bulk actions will make maintaining your roadmap even easier.

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In ProductPlan there are a number of bulk actions you can take to quickly update your roadmap items. Bulk actions are activated by selecting multiple Bars or Containers at once.

To select multiple items, hold either the shift or command keys + click on any Bar or Container. The actions header will appear, indicating bulk actions mode is enabled.

Once bulk editing is enabled, you can:

  • Drag and drop multiple Bars at once: Simply drag and drop one of your selected items to move all of them across your roadmap. You can move them horizontally, or vertically between Lanes.

  • Select and move connected Bars: When in bulk actions mode, you can now hold command and click the Connections icon to select dependent items. 

  • Move to a new Lane: This option will place your selected items at the bottom of a new Lane.

  • Copy to a Lane: You can duplicate your selected items at once to place in a new Lane or at the bottom of their existing Lane.

  • Move multiple items between the Roadmap and Table Layout: You can park selected Bars on your roadmap from the actions header. You can also move multiple parked items to the roadmap.

  • Add Tags or update Legend colors at once: Quickly Tag all selected items in one action, or update their Legend color from the ellipsis menu in the header.

  • Delete multiple Bars at once: Selected Bars can be deleted from the actions header. This can be undone by pressing  command + z.

You can select any number of existing Bars or Containers. You can also select all items in an entire Lane by clicking the Lane header. Once a Lane has been selected, you can toggle the Shortcuts menu with command + /.

You can also right click a Container to expand or collapse all containers at once:

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