To make it easier to get started with ProductPlan you can import your spreadsheet-based roadmap. You can upload any CSV or XLS(X) file. You can also import directly from one of our integrations.

  1. From the Table layout of Parked items, click the “Import” button.

  2. Select the file you wish to upload. If the file has multiple sheets, select which one you want to upload first.

    1. If mapping to containers while importing, the containers being mapped to either need to exist already in your roadmap or be created in the same import. If creating with import, add them as rows with the name of the container in the same column that you are using for your bars' names. (See screenshots below).

  3. Choose which columns you would like to import by assigning them to the existing fields – or choose “do not import” for any section you would like to leave empty.

  4. Once your initiatives are imported as Parked Bars, simply select however many items you would like to "Unpark".

Here is an example of the workflow to create bars and containers in a single import:

Screenshot of a spreadsheet with rows for containers and bars that map to those containers.
Screenshot of the Import by CSV module in a ProductPlan roadmap. The pick-list for the import matches the names of the columns from the previous image.

Once imported, you can see how the spreadsheet from the first screenshot, pulled into the Planned section.

Screenshot of the Parked section of the Table View in a Roadmap. The bars from the first screenshot in this series are shown.


  • If your spreadsheet headings match Parked bar headings (Title, Description, Lane, etc..), the content of the columns will automatically be placed within the corresponding heading.

  • If your spreadsheet has multiple tabs, they will need to be separated into individual documents and imported separately.

  • The content in the “Percent Complete” and “Effort” fields must be a compatible value (1-100 for “Percent Complete” and either 1-10 or existing T shirt sizes for “Effort” level selected).

  • If you choose to import information under the “Lanes” or “Legend” fields, a new Lane or Legend item will be created automatically on the roadmap.

  • To import multiple Tags for each item, separate the different Tags with a comma on your spreadsheet.

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