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Integrations Overview
Integrations Overview

ProductPlan's integrations help you keep your roadmap in sync with your existing toolset.

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ProductPlan integrates with a number of other products to help you connect your roadmap with the tools you’re already using. Visit your Integrations page at any time to set up an integration for your account.

Project Management Software

ProductPlan integrates with the following products, allowing you to link items on your roadmap with your planned initiatives. You can also import items from these products directly into your Parking Lot in ProductPlan.

Other Products

ProductPlan integrates with tools to help your team stay connected. You can connect your roadmap with Slack to keep everyone up to date with roadmap changes. With MS Teams, you can connect or embed your roadmaps. The Vimeo integration provides you with a way to record an overview of your roadmaps and share with various stakeholders through asynchronous video communication.

We also offer the option to integrate with your organization’s single sign on provider as part of our Professional or Enterprise Plans. You can set up the SSO integration as part of your company’s Professional or Enterprise subscription.

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