As part of your Enterprise subscription to ProductPlan, you can make signing in to ProductPlan easier by integrating with your organization’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Using SSO for your team in ProductPlan requires an Enterprise Subscription.

By configuring SSO for your team in ProductPlan, your users will be able to sign in to ProductPlan by authenticating through your SSO application portal or on the ProductPlan login screen without requiring a password. You will also have the option to require authentication by SSO only, as well as to restrict Private Roadmap URL’s to SSO users only.

Requiring SSO for your Team

Once you’ve configured the SSO connection, team administrators can choose to require single sign-on in order for your team to access ProductPlan. If you choose this option, it will eliminate the ability to login to ProductPlan with a unique password. Before enabling this option, you should make sure that you’ve provisioned the users on your team for the ProductPlan application within your SSO identity provider.

Once enabled, your users will need to authenticate with your SSO application in order to access ProductPlan. Attempting to login directly to ProductPlan will redirect any user to the configured SSO login. Turning off this option will allow users to login with passwords again.

Supported SSO Applications

We use a federated identity management system to establish the connection. We support the following products today. If you have questions about an SSO provider not listed below, please contact to work with our team on a custom configuration.

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