As an Editor in ProductPlan, you'll have the ability to create folders from your Roadmaps Page to help manage your list of roadmaps.

Upon creating a new Folder from your Roadmaps page, you'll be prompted to first create a title and description prior to adding roadmaps to your Folder.

Once you've named your Folder, Editors will be able to move existing roadmaps or add new ones to the folder. To add an existing roadmap from your Roadmaps page, navigate to the ellipsis to the far right of the roadmap title, and select "move". New roadmaps can be added by clicking into the folder and selecting "New Roadmap".

After you've selected the roadmaps to include, you can easily share your new Folder among your team. This action is similar to sharing a roadmap.

Editors may perform the following actions to a Folder:

1.) Update the name and description of the Folder from the settings tab.

2.) Share and update Folder permissions.

3.) Move roadmaps into and back out of Folders.

The Owner of the Folder will be the only one that may delete it. When a Folder is deleted, the roadmaps within the Folder will become uncategorized.

**Important to Note**

A user will see a Folder if they have been given permissions to it OR if they have permissions to a roadmap within the folder.

When a user clicks on a Folder, the list will change to a list of roadmaps within that folder that they have access to.

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