You can securely share your Roadmap or Version by inviting people from the Share button, located to the right of the roadmap.

When you invite someone using their email address, they will receive an invitation to create a ProductPlan account. You can invite people with full Edit or View Only access.

If you are an editor on a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can share a roadmap with your whole account all at once. Just select an option from the dropdown after “Everyone at [Your Company Name]”. If you're on our Professional or Enterprise plans, you also have the option to share your roadmap with a specific Team set up by your Admin. All members on your plan will then be able to view or edit the roadmap, depending on the type of permission that you granted and what type of license they have. You can also share your roadmap by creating a Private Link – a Private link does not require a viewer to sign in to view your roadmap.

You can also embed private links on a web page (or in Confluence) to give quick access without requiring users to log in. Sharing the web based roadmap is the best way to keep your team up to date with the latest changes.

Additionally, Roadmaps may be included in a Folder and shared among your team. Please refer to Creating a Roadmap Folder.

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